How to

How to create the Drippy Bears

1. Get your bear

2. Prep your paint and surface

3. Paint the awkward spots

4. Mix the paints

Start with any colour and then just keep adding the paint to get this marbling effect. Alternatively you can just pour each colour straight onto the bear

5. Pour the paint

I would leave the ears until last, pour it in ant way you want to. Up and down, zig zag, in circles. AGain there are endless ways to do this

6. Spoon on any missed spots

Some of the spots are a bit awkward to get to when using the cup. Use the spoon provided to scoop up some of the paint and pour it on

7. Let it dry

I would let it sit for 24hrs to semi-dry and then move it out of the pool of paint and leave fully dry for another 24hrs

8. Put them on display and enjoy your artwork

Customise how you see fit with chains, glitter, LED backdrop, there are endless possibilities