About us

      • Drippy-Inc, founded by Jamie, is a creative business that offers a unique painting kit for customers to create their own personalised designs. Jamie's street style and passion for creativity are reflected in the company's edgy vibe and innovative product.

         The painting kit includes a plastic model and several pots of acrylic paint that are poured onto the bear to create a marbling effect. The company is committed to sustainability and aims to use only environmentally-friendly materials, such as cardboard and paper, for packaging and equipment. They aim to 3D print the unique models using recycled plastic to help progress them to a fully sustainable company.

         Jamie's Drippy-Inc is not just limited to painting kits; it plans to expand into other creative activities and offer personalised 3D models in the future. With a focus on sustainability and a street-style attitude, Drippy-Inc aims to generate business and become a leader in the creative industry.

         Overall, Drippy-Inc offers a fun and innovative way for customers to express their creativity while also contributing to a sustainable future. With Jamie's cool style, Drippy-Inc is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a bit of edge to their art.